AUDAX 3AL-2.5V titanium alloy road bike

The design of the frame is based on the long-distance road riding as the main appeal, therefore, in addition to the basic needs of rigidity and stability, comfort, standard lock-type five-way and the shelf hole settings are based on the actual needs of the consideration design.

▲ titanium alloy is the use of double-tube way, after forming heat treatment to eliminate residual stress.

▲ 44mm straight head tube: standard use 1 1/2 "front fork, increase rigidity and cornering stability; if necessary, through the appropriate front bowl selection, use 1 1/8" front fork.

▲ asymmetrical rear fork: the drive side to strengthen the rigid, non-drive side to provide more comfort.

▲ shelf hole: after the fork on the shelves reserved for easy long-distance ride to use.
Each of the titanium tubes used was subjected to suction, forming, precision cutting and heat treatment stress release. World-class processing quality was able to make titanium alloy frame different.

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