BaoJi XINWANG Nonferrous Metal Factory located in GaoXin 12 Road,High-tech Development Zone,BaoJi City, Shaanxi Province, China .Is a professional engaged in titanium and titanium alloys, refractory metals, coating materials, rods, wire, tubes, plates, shaped pieces, rare materials processing, production, R & D, and sales of integrated enterprise.
        The main production equipment: lathe, planer, milling machine, telefon. Vacuum furnace, the furnace atmosphere, straightener, rolling machine, polishing machine, cutting machine, welding machine, repairing mold machine, etc.
        The main products: Nonferrous metals tungsten and molybdenum, tantalum and niobium; titanium pipe fittings (standard fittings, flanges, elbows, tees, reducers, titanium valves); sputtering target class (planar targets, round target, tube target); titanium processing pieces (titanium rods, titanium rings, titanium tube, titanium cake); equipment category (reactor, coil, titanium basket, titanium anode); nonferrous metals (titanium, titanium rods, titanium tube, titanium wire)
        We have fifteen years experience in production and processing. We have our own development , design team and Strong technical team.Our service is available in English,Spanish, French and Japanese.
        Our sales team, young and energetic with passion. We are serious about our work. Of course  We are kind, courteous, and  professional. You can feel free to ask us anything you like. We will support your business.
        We are friendly! Please contact us!

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    Address:Baoji High-Tech Development Zone
    Xin Wang Machinery Factory
    Southside Of High-Tech 12th Road

    TEL: +8606176735868 +8613992724629
    Mail: xwmetal@hotmael.com

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